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Miasuki Sleek Black Rider Helmet

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Designed by MIASUKI, engineered by KEP Italia.

Classic ultra lightweight helmet. 5-point chin strap gives stability and limits helmet movement. The visor provides shading, while front ventilation keeps the head cool.
Lining can be easily removed.


Because Beauty equals Responsibility.

MIASUKI has always been committed to making the right, often difficult choices to maintaining the highest quality whilst minimising our environmental footprint. 
We have rigorous R&D processes in place and meticulously consider the best practices to reduce waste, recycle and re-use to promote circularity in our ecosystem.


The correct EU/US lining will be provided together when you select the above sizes.


Made from hi-tech polycarbonate and EPS.


Clean with the provided core kit or a dampened soft cloth and allow to air dry at room temperature. Inner lining can be washed by hand or machine. Avoid the use of chemical detergents or solvents.


European CE
American and Canadian SEI 
ISO 9001


For effective protection, it is important that your helmet is the right size and correctly positioned on your head, so as to provide maximum safety and comfort. Determining your helmet size is easy: just measure your head circumference. Wrap a measuring tape around your forehead and run it just over your ears. It should also be noted that the outer shell cannot be worn without the inner lining. The helmet will not provide any protection unless both these parts are worn simultaneously.